Mar 17

When Fake News Helps Us To Find The Truth…

We are hearing much more mention of the term ‘Fake News’ than ever before, even though it has existed for many years, albeit with a slightly different meaning than Mr Trump applies to it.  However, regardless of it’s origins, or your political persuation, Fake News will impact all of us in the future.

Brands and businesses of all sizes are having to come to terms with the impact that several political and corporate scandals have inflicted on consumers – never before has there been such a distrust of authority, and it is now a fact of life that people would rather trust a brand ambassador than the brand itself.

At John Dick & Son, we are proud of the relationship we have with our customers and of the service we provide to them, so we’ve decided to let them become our ambassadors and make it easy for them to tell us, and you, what they think of the service we provide.

Feefo LogoFeefo is an independent provider of online ratings and they receive and publish the comments that are submitted by our customers.  Whilst the feedback may be useful to you, it is also very helpful to us; we monitor what is being said so that we can improve the service we provide.

VanFor example, many people have commented on the delivery service and just how helpful it is to have more specific delivery times.  They have also commented on the quality of our delivery personnel; the appreciate that we build the new furniture and remove the packaging for responsible disposal.  Because we know this is important to you, we will look at ways to improve what is already an excellent service – or at least that’s what you are telling us.

Below, you will find extracts from the Feefo submissions, but we would encourage you to visit the Feefo feed, where you will see the full list of feedback submissions, and hopefully you will be sufficiently persuaded to drop into the showroom to see our fantastic range of furniture, you never know, you could be our next ambassador!

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